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  • Monajat re-imagines the Selihot ritual in collaboration with an acclaimed ensemble of musicians, an electronic soundscape, and dynamic live video art. Monajat is a Persian word meaning an intimate dialogue with the Divine. Using Persian melodies and Hebrew texts, the work pays homage to Dardashti's grandfather, a master Persian classical vocalist. She performs some of the Persian piyutim (liturgical songs) traditionally chanted as part of the Selihot service, as well as other liturgical and non-liturgical Hebrew and Persian poetry set to new music. Through electronics, she defies time and perform with her grandfather.

    The Naming is an acoustic/electronic and multi-media event featuring music, dance, and vivid video projections interpreting some of the most compelling women of the Bible.

    The edgy all-female band Divahn lends traditional Middle Eastern Jewish music an innovative soundscape with Indian and Latin percussion, lush string arrangements, and haunting vocals in Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic and Judeo-Spanish.

  • Workshops

    A range of interactive musical workshops for adults, children, or both, on Dardashti’s music, the traditions it comes from, piyutim, trends in Israeli music, and the instruments in her band.

    Academic Lectures

    Dardashti offers a range of lectures on her work as a cultural anthropologist on Israeli music and Jewish culture.

    Shabbat and Holiday Services

    Dardashti leads special Sephardic/Mizrahi services for Friday night, Saturday morning and holidays.

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Photo by Brian Tamborello